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i fought so many tears at work today. Lord.

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I was too emotional before going to work today. The same thoughts just keep going in circulation. I have to get them out of my head sometime.


Today at work, a customer threaten to ‘best my ass’. There was security surrounding my me for over a half hour in case something were to happen. Later during my shift, some gay was flirting with me by showing me what he can do with tongue. Oh and I was a half hour late and had to take a lyft to work. Tomorrow is suppose to be my last day but my manager asked me if she could extend my two week notice until Wednesday because my department is understaffed for Spring break. Like always, I couldn’t say no.

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one minute, i’m like super energetic and ecstatic. the next, i’m angry at the universe for making things the way the are. 


Handle With Care, Yrjo Edelmann


Handle With Care, Yrjo Edelmann

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Mapei x Chance the Rapper – Don't Wait (Remix) (877 plays)


Mapei x Chance the Rapper

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